madison county chronology

1700 1800 1900 2000
1775 Twetty's Fort built. First temporary fort erected in Kentucky. (March 25).
Settlement at Boonesborough. (April).
First religious ceremony in Kentucky conducted at Boonesborough by John Lythe.
1778 Great Seige at Fort Boonesborough. (September 7-16). Indian attacks repulsed, thus helping to secure the western frontier from British domination.
1784 Valley View ferry franchised.
1785 Madison County created from Lincoln County, Virginia.
1786 Madison County government established. First meeting of County Court August 22, at George Adams's house near the site of Milford.
1793 Tates Creek Baptist Association organized.
1798 City of Richmond founded.
Madison Male Seminary (Academy) chartered.
1799 Clermont, now known as White Hall, built by Green Clay.
1802 Post Office opened in Richmond.
1803 Cane Spring Baptist Church founded.
1809 Christopher "Kit" Carson born.
1810 Cassius Marcellus Clay, son of Green Clay, born.
1816 Samuel Freeman Miller born.
1820 Lawyer and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Curtis Field Burnam born.
1828 Death of Green Clay.
1830 Madison Library incorporated.
1830s Migration of Madison Countians to Missouri.
1838 Kentucky Governor and U.S. Senator James Bennet McCreary born.
1840s Bybee Potter began at Waco.
1849 Woman suffragist Laura Clay born.
Lawyer Squire Turner helped write a new proslavery state constitution.
Altercation between Cassius M. Clay and Cyrus Turner, occured at Foxtown.
1849-1852 Madison County Courthouse constructed.
1852 Belle H. Bennett born.
1854 City of Berea founded.
1855 Berea College founded by John G. Fee as an interracial coeducational institution.
1858 Madison Female Institute established.
1859 Berea College suspended because of approaching Civil War.
1862 Battle of Richmond. (August 29-30).
1865 Berea College resumed classes.
1866 Blacks first voted.
1867 Catholic Church built in Richmond.
1870 Madison National Bank established.
1871 Major fire occurred on Main Street in Richmond between 2nd and 3rd Streets.
1873 Central University chartered. Classes commenced in 1874 at Richmond.
1874 Gas lines turned on in Richmond.
1875 State Bank and Trust established under the name of Irvine and Walker Bank.
1878 Telephone first used in Richmond.
1883 Richmond-Irvine Three Forks Railroad began.
1891 Richmond Water Works completed.
1892 Pattie A. Clay Infirmary (Hospital) opened.
1897 Richmond City Hall (originally Post Office and Federal Building) built.
1898 Richmond Electric Light Company began.
Richmond Colored School chartered.
1901 Central University consolidated with Centre College in Danville.
1904 Day Law passed by Kentucky legislature making it illegal for blacks and whites to attend the same school.
1906 Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, now Eastern Kentucky University, established. Model School opened at Eastern.
Berea National Bank established.
1908 The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Day Law, forcing Berea College to end interracial education.
1909 Boone Tavern constructed at Berea.
1917 Berea Hospital built.
1922 Churchill Weavers established in Berea.
1939 Madison Central High School opened.
1942 Bluegrass Ordnance Army Depot constructed.
1946 Clay's Ferry Bridge (now northbound I-75) built.
1948 Westinghouse Electric Company established lighting plant in Richmond.
1950 Blacks readmitted to Berea College.
1951 Parker-Seal plant established in Berea.
1960s Interstate-75 built.
1963 Fort Boonesborogh became a state park.
1965 Fort Boonesborough State Park dedicated.
1966 Eastern Kentucky State College granted University status.
1971 White Hall State Shrine dedicated.
1979 Madison County Airport opened.
1981 Madison Central High School's undefeated baseball team won state title.
1986 Madison County Bicentenial celebrated.
1991 Main Street of downtown Richmond revitalized.
Richmond YMCA opened at Telford Center.
Richmond Area Arts Council organized and acquired Episcopal Church building for its arts center.
1995 IClub.Org opens first local Internet Service Provider in Richmond.
1996 Richmond Area Arts Council arts center opened.
Fort Boonesborough awarded National Historic Site status.
1998 Richmond Bicentenial celebrated.
2003 Kentucky Artisans Center opened at Berea.
2005 Madison County Park System created.
2009 Heritage Walk of Fame Dedicated

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